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      From "Qi Revolution" a Florida
       Qigong Event to be held on WTCQD 2009


Orlando Convention Center April 25th – 28th

$99 for 4-Days of Profound Qigong Training

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Greetings Qigong Lovers,

In 2008, Supreme Science Qigong Center hosted 1800 people for the largest Qigong event in U.S. history.

The event is called QI REVOLUTION, because its a revolution in the way Qigong is Experienced.

SupremeScience Qigong uses a blend of moving Qigong, Pranayama, Tibetan & Taoist Breathing Techniques.

Over 10,000 people have attended this training over the last 3 years. Many Qigong experts have said this event was the most PROFOUND EXPERIENCE OF QI IMAGINABLE.

This event is provided at the low cost of $99 for 4-Days of Qigong Training. In this economy it is the best deal being offered.

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Once in a lifetime event...

Is it really once in a LIFETIME?

Think about it. 5000 people in an Ideal Feng Shui arranged Qigong Ballroom... Everyone moving in sync...

Films like "What The Bleep" speak about the 100th monkey effect and in Qigong we talk about the GROUP ENERGY EFFECT.

Simply being inside the room will transform every cell in your body. Its what happens when thousands practice Qigong in unison.

Jeff Primack, the founder of Supreme Science Qigong, will be hosting this gathering along with 100+ other instructors.

He says their system of Qigong places emphasis on Advanced Breathing techniques like 9-Breath Method, which uses

TUMO breathing skills to place Qi under gentle pressure in the Dan Tien while incorporating profound utilization of Pranayama Breathing to facilitate the absorption of Qi. He also says the methods are proven safe. In fact, Jeff goes as far to say this technique alone is worth coming for... Calling it, "the 1 single most profound practice I would give the world"

Orlando Convention Center April 25th – 28th

$99 for 4-Days of Profound Qigong Training OPEN TO ALL PEOPLE *32 CEU's

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SupremeScience has blocked $69 rooms at the 4-Star DoubleTree Resort less than 1 mile away from the convention center.

And also $45 per night at Extended Stay Deluxe with a full kitchen in each room. Hotel space is limited. Details on website.

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