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T'ai Chi & Qigong provide a calm within that may grow into new tastes for the home or office decor you live in every day. World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day offers a directory of many elegant and historically fascinating clothing, home design, and lifestyle items that can compliment your new internal journey of self discovery thru Tai Chi & Qigong. Such as our Zen Alarm Clock that gently wakes you, or our Gongs and Chimes that can melodiosly enhance the Feng Shui of your home or office, or our "personalized original" Chinese Calligraphy by tai chi expert and calligraphy artist Guo Ming Chen. Browse the Asian Lifestyle products below, and learn more about Tai Chi and Qigong's growing popularity below.                                 

Terracotta Statues

Asian Products - (Terracotta)

Chinese Opera Maska

Asian Products - (Opera Mask)

Gongs & Chimes

Oriental Products - (gongs chimes)

Chinese Batik
Wall Hangings

Asian Products - (Batik)

Chinese Clothing
& Accessories

Asian Products - (Chinese Clothing)  Asian Products - (Chinese Clothing)

Zen Alarm Clocks

Asian Products - (Zen Clocks)

Embroidered Coasters

Asian Products - (Coasters)

Cloisonne Vases

Asian Products - (Cloisonne)

Health Balls

Asian Products - (Health Balls)

Matching Dinner Sets,
Cushion Covers, &
Tissue Box Covers

Asian Products - (Cushions)

Chinese Matching
Dinner Sets

Chinese Products - (Dinner Sets)

Gourmet Chinese Teas
& Tea Serving Items

Asian Products - (Chinese Tea)

Matching Cushion &
Tissue Box Covers

Asian Products - (Cushion Covers)

Chinese Silk
Handbags & Wallets

Chinese Products - (Hand Bags)

Personalized Chinese

Asian Products - (Chinese Calligraphy)

Chinese Design
Pen Containers

Asian Products - (Pencil Cups)

Chinese Shawls
& Scarves

Chinese Products - (Shawls Scarves)

Feng Shui Consulting for
Your Home or Business

Asian Products - (Feng Shui)

More Chinese Tea Sets

Asian Products - (Tea Sets)

Chinese Designer
Book Marks

Chinese Products - (Book Marks)

T'ai Chi T-Shirts
(tee shirts)

Oriental Products - (Tai Chi Tee Shirts)

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