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Are your community's businesses and corporations aware that science has proven that Tai Chi practice actually makes your brain physically bigger, and that it improves your math skills? What company would not want employees with bigger brains and better math skills? Not any company that wants success, that's for sure! (Click here for science on this.)

Here you'll learn . . .

* The benefits of starting a Tai Chi or Qigong program at work. This should be equally interesting to both Tai Chi and Qigong teachers, and Wellness Professionals.

* Why Tai Chi and Qigong are a natural for the office

* What Tai Chi and Qigong can accomplish at the workplace

* Ways to incorporate Tai Chi and Qigong into your office or workplace

* See our "Find Local Classes," to search contact information for teachers and schools of Tai Chi and Qigong in your local area

* The FREE Online Lessons and Exhibitions section shows you T'ai Chi and Qigong fit in the office ... perfectly

Corporations all over America are integrating the powerful health and personal growth tools of Tai Chi into the fabric of the workplace. Why? Because T'ai Chi can save companies big money, is very applicable to the office, can lessen workplace injury, reduce stress, and boost performance.

This chapter details how Tai Chi accomplishes these goals, so you can speak with authority to your company's Wellness Director about it. Many companies will pay for a Tai Chi program, making it well worth your time to suggest it to the Wellness Director.

The Bottom Line on Stress Costs to Business

You can help your company understand how sponsoring Tai Chi classes is in their best interest as well as yours. One of corporate America's highest unnecessary production costs is in lost productivity due to employee stress. U.S. businesses are losing $300 billion per year due to stress (that's over $7,500 per employee, per year), which may be why the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) has declared stress a workplace hazard.

Using Tai Chi as Stress and Pain Relief

Companies and corporations are increasingly turning to Tai Chi as a solution to stress. Companies that have offered Tai Chi to either their employees, clients, or executive staffs include Sprint, Hallmark, Inc., Black and Veatch Corp., Associated Wholesale Grocers, BMA (Financial), and Columbia Hospitals, to name a few.

Tai Chi - (Corporate T'ai Chi)

Penthouse Tai Chi at BMA's Headquarters has been a popular wellness program. Approximately 100 employees attended the introductory Stress Management workshop.

A community college near Kansas City provides T'ai Chi classes as a wellness program to their staff, and many participants are finding alleviation of chronic pain conditions, less stress, and fewer sick days. Tai Chi is rapidly becoming the most popular wellness program for many companies. Isn't it great that companies are realizing that what is good for the employee is good for the company's profits as well?

Tai Sci

Biofeedback uses a computer program to train people how to relax when under stress. The computer shows them when their blood pressure goes up and their heart beats faster so that they can then practice relaxing and slowing things down. Dr. Gary Green, a leading biofeedback specialist, refers to Tai Chi as "biofeedback without the computer."

Tai Chi & Qigong are the ultimate ergonomics program. Stress costs US business over $300 billion annually ($7,500 per employee, per year.)

"Tai chi ... being used to achieve full potential"
    -- The Financial Times, October 11, 2004

Click for Video on Corporate Tai Chi and Qigong

Investing in Creative Potential

If Tai Chi can help employees recover from illnesses and thereby reduce absenteeism, that can also mean major savings. But what about creativity? Tai Chi's meditative quality enables practitioners to become more creative as they let go of being locked into old patterns. A popular corporate expression is to "think outside the box," which means to look beyond the established way of doing things, to try to find new and innovative approaches, capitalizing on constantly changing tools and technology.

It's a useful concept, but how do you really think outside the box? You have to release the old ways of doing things. Again, Tai Chi is about letting go of everything, mentally, emotionally, and physically which requires releasing prejudices and preconceptions, making you clearer and more open to new possibilities and potential. If T’ai Chi can help employees think outside the box, this will open them up to fresh innovative approaches and may boost profits more than anything you could begin to measure.

To learn more about Corporate Tai Chi, click here.

[Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day],

I am ... volunteering on the Employee Wellness Committee ... in Manchester, Vermont. The mission of the committee is to promote staff wellness (both physical and mentally) for our 100 or so employees throughout the year.

... I am looking for opportunities to offer opportunities to promote wellness to our staff.

Upon researching national awareness days, I came across your organization. I was hoping that you may have simple suggestions I might incorporate in the Wellness section of our daily bulletin or local chapters of your organization that may offer some support to our employees, by coming in to do programming or a place our employees may journey to.

I appreciate your assistance.

Manchester, Vermont
. . .

Hi Dianna,

I think you'll find plenty of information for your newsletter at the below link.

Also, your members/readers can find a "Find Local Classes - School Directory" at to find local teachers and schools of Tai Chi and Qigong in your area.

Contact them, as some may offer on-site Tai Chi, Qigong, and Stress Management programs at your employees locations of employment if you like.

Warm regards,

Bill Douglas, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day,

Sage Sifu Says

Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge." When Tai Chi and QiGong help us let go of physical, emotional, and mental tension, it literally expands our "imagination muscle." As we let go of old patterns, we open up to new and exciting concepts that our old, tense bodies and minds couldn't comprehend. We learn more easily and are more creative in using what we learn.

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