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Check with your child's therapist or physician before beginning Tai Chi. Also, find an effective, understanding
T'ai Chi instructor who has experience teaching children.

Drs. Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., and John J. Ratey, M.D., experts on the management of ADD wrote, Exercise is positively one of the best treatments for ADD. It helps work off excess energy and aggression in a positive way, it allows for noise-reduction within the mind, it stimulates the hormonal and neurochemical systems in a most therapeutic way, and it soothes and calms the body.

The slow mindful movements of Tai Chi have much to offer people who suffer from ADD. The following table explains why T'ai Chi may be a perfect ADD therapy.

T'ai Chi and ADD

What Experts Suggest
What T'ai Chi Offers
Set aside time for recharging batteries, something calm and restful, like meditation.
T'ai Chi is a mini-vacation.
Daily exercise that is readily available and needs little preparation can help with the blahs that occur and with overall outlook.
Tai Chi is easy, requires no preparation, and is a daily mood elevator.
Observe mood swings; learn to accept them by realizing they will pass. Learn strategies that might help bad moods pass sooner.
T’ai Chi is a tool for self-observation of feelings and for letting those feelings go.
Use time-outs when you are upset or overstimulated; take a time-out; go away, calm down. T'ai Chi can be performed in the bathroom at school or work, giving you a break from the stress.
Let go of the urgency to always finish things quickly by learning to enjoy the process. Tai Chi's slow flowing routine is about letting go of outcome and learning to love the process.
ADD usually includes a tendency to overfocusor hyperfocus at times, to obsess or ruminate over some imagined problem without being able to let it go.
T'ai Chi teaches the practice of letting go on a mental, emotional, and physical level with each exhale.

Sage Sifu Says

T'ai Chi teachers should realize that
T'ai Chi for kids with ADD will not look
like Tai Chi for adults. It will be faster

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