World Tai Chi & Qigong (Chi Kung) Day Supports
Major National Tai Chi and Qigong Associations and Federations
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World Tai Chi and Qigong (Chi Kung) Day's ultimate goal is to see Tai Chi and Chi Kung taught as part of public education's main curriculum worldwide, in healthcare, corporate, and government institutions worldwide.

Therefore we support the world of major Tai Chi & Qigong organizations worldwide.

Our only requirement to list your association or federation is that it work to educate the world of the health and healing medical research emerging worldwide, and that it include and equally promote all styles and schools of Tai Chi or Qigong, not favoring one style or form over another.

85% of illness in the industrialized world is caused by stress.

Is it time to think about uniting the worldwide Tai Chi & Qigong family of health & wellness teachers in mutually supportive efforts? You'll find that creates a space where we can all support one another, support the expansion of Tai Chi & Qigong worldwide, and through that support global health & healing.

By working together we can envision a day when Tai Chi and Chi Kung are taught in public education worldwide, creating a healthier, clearer, calmer world. See an example.

VIDEO - A Comprehensive Explanation of What World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Is

Imagine the Global Implications of Tai Chi & Qigong

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