Evolved over the past 32 years is called Rainbow

Tai-Chi Chi Kung style, that ecompasses the 7 Rainbow areas. They are all related

to developing a balance emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balanced

lifestyle based on the 15 Fundamental Tai-Chi Chi Kung Exercises and

Principles as written in my book, "15 Ways to a Happier You - Tai Chi Chi Kung"

(already sold moret ahn 70,000 copies). They are Violet - Self Healing, Indigo - Tao

of Leadership Training, Blue - Aqua Tai Chi in Water and , Green - Tao of

Gardening and Prosperity, Yellow - Tai-Chi Wisdom in daily application,

Orange - Tao of Self-Humour & Yin Yang Tao Cooperative Games and Rose Red - The Taoist

Trilogue balance of the inner feminine, masculine and creative principles.

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