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Medical Research Library

Out of 234,000 listings for "Tai Chi Medical Research" on Google, ours is #2

FREE Media Kits

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Student Tips

to make your life as a teacher, both easier, and more effective

Educational information on TCM

explaining how Tai Chi and Qigong relate to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Getting your classes into corporations

how to educate corporate wellness directors that you are a valuable local asset ...

Getting classes into Penal, and Drug Rehabilitation Institutions, and also into Public Education with tips on teaching Tai Chi & Qigong to kids in age appropriate ways . . .

Tai Chi health articles

you can use to educate your community, local media, and potential clients of the profound benefits awaiting them in your classes . . .

How YOU can organize a local World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event

and be part of a global health & healing celebration . . . while growing local awareness of your classes

"One World ... One Breath"

. .

Click here to see a video of the fascinating history of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day and the development of it's Official T-Shirts . . .

Informational Videos on Tai Chi & QG Science, etc.
Learn about resources for your STUDENTS:

Informational Videos on Tai Chi & QG Science, etc.

We can make your life as a TEACHER

Ever had students who get frustrated learning Tai Chi or Qigong, and take it out on you?

Ever had a student wear jangly noisy jewelry in class that distracts others from mindful meditative states, or students who wear too much perfume that makes it hard to do deep Qigong breathing?

Have a student who puts pressure on you by trying to "hurry up and learn the relaxing forms" ?

Would you like a place to send new students beginning your classes so they'll know what to expect, and be better able to relax into your classes and get the most from them?

Our Tai Chi Terminology Tips will give them a heads up on what you'll be teaching, helping them to "get it" easier without you working so hard. You can view them yourself, and may pick up ideas to use in class.

They'll see illustrations, video, and explanations that will enhance their understanding of your teaching:

We offer insights into the rich and deep science of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how it relates to what you teach in class. Our goal is to encourage your students to "stick with your classes," and enjoy a lifelong Tai Chi and Qigong experience with you.
Ever had a student who suffered from the myth that Tai Chi or Qigong was somehow at odds with their religion? We can help ...
We can help you sell your students on the profound benefits Tai Chi and Qigong offer them if they "stick with your classes."
Invite Your Students to Celebrate Health & Healing with the World on World Tai Chi & Qigong Day !

VIDEO - A Comprehensive Explanation of What World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Is

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* List your school and classes in our FREE School Directory. We have directed over a half a million web viewers to Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes and schools since our inception

* Refer students or your clients to our Medical Research Library to learn how your Tai Chi or Chi Kung classes can benefit them or their businesses, where you'll find over 100 listings of Tai Chi or Qigong medical research or articles on High Blood Pressure, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Diabetes, and much much more ...

* Utilize our free Media Kits to help you aquire local media attention for the benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong so you can educate your community about those benefits, and about your local classes. (PRs in 18 languages)

* Refer students to our Tips sections which include a section on "Not Blaming Your Teacher" for frustrations and challenges as they learn Tai Chi or Qigong forms. These tips will also educate them on class etiquette and how to get the most from your classes. Refer students to our "Beginners / Enthusiasts" section for this and more. You can preview all the Learning Tips here.

Tips to Get the Most from Your Classes:

- How to dress for class
- Relaxing into Tai Chi/QG, a state of mind
- Class hygiene, no perfumes, etc.
- Massage therapy/body work to augment classes
- Lighten up on yourself & teacher, it'll come to you
- Attending your 1st class
- How to address your instructor
- Various ways classes are often structured
- How movements are often taught
- Is there homework in Tai Chi or Qigong class?
- Tai Chi / QG class ettiquette

Tai Chi Terminology Tips

Also, encourage your students to check out our Tips where they'll see illustrations and explanations that will enhance their understanding of your teaching:

- Horse Stance
- Vertical Axis
- Sinking Your Chi
- Don't Tear the Rice Paper (Filling & Emptying Legs)

Our goal is to help students relax & enjoy your classes, so you can relax & enjoy teaching . . .

* Utilize our educational information on Tai Chi & Qigong as it pertains to the many aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Acupuncture, and how modern science is validating many of the ancient claims of Tai Chi & Qigong's efficacy. We also have a Recommended Reading section to help broaden your perspective on the energetic nature of health and our world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Topics
On how Tai Chi & Qigong relate to TCM:

- Acupuncture
- Zang Fu Organ System of Qi Energy
- Psychonueroimmunology

Dispelling the Myth of "Tai Chi vs. Religion"

Although not as much as in the past, occasionally people get Tai Chi & Qigong confused with a religion that competes with their religious beliefs. We provide information to help dispel that myth so that all can enjoy Tai Chi & Qigong's benefits.

Tips for Teaching Children

We provide tips on ways to teach Tai Chi & Qigong to children at an age appropriate level.

* Use the many original and well researched Tai Chi health articles and original educational videos WTCQD offers as content for your website, as a resource to write your own articles, or as brochures to share with potential clients. Also view our video tutorials for ideas on how to make Tai Chi and Qigong simpler to the new students seeking a healthier life.

You'll find articles there on how Tai Chi or Qigong benefit ADHD, Weight Loss-Stress-Immune Function, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Menopause, Parkinson's Disease, and many, many more. You can refer students and clients to these articles, reprint them, and link to them.

We can also help you get your own articles published in local popular culture and natural health publications.
Click to get tips on writing and publishing your Tai Chi and Qigong health articles.
Click to see a PERFECT example of how WTCQD helped a local school w/ articles information.

Corporate Tai Chi or Qigong:

Learn about how you can approach local corporate wellness directors, about incorporating Tai Chi and/or Qigong classes into their company's wellness offerings. Click here, to learn more . . .

* Organize a World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event!

Use our FREE Organizing Kits and Media Resources (PRs in 18 languages) to organize a local World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event in your area to gain media attention for your local classes. Learn more at Be Part of a Personal/Global Healing Event on our home page. We give you and your school or group tips on how to get the most from using our Press Releases.

Learn how to get Official Proclamations of your local World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event from municipal, regional, or national government offices.

Why YOUR school, group, or association, should participate in World Tai Chi & Qigong Day?

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