Why should your school or organization participate and
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Tai Chi & Qigong teachers and associations,

Have you ever noticed how much attention Yoga gets in the media compared to Tai Chi and Chi Kung?

Over the years Yoga groups have collaborated greatly to educate the public about Yoga's benefits. However, up until the advent of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, typically the only time Tai Chi and Chi Kung groups came together was for competitions.

Is it time to think about uniting the worldwide Tai Chi & Qigong family of health & wellness teachers in mutually supportive efforts? You'll find that
www.WorldTaiChiDay.org creates a space where we can all support one another, support the expansion of Tai Chi & Qigong worldwide, and through that support global health & healing.

Why Should Tai Chi and Chi Kung Teachers, Schools, and Organizations Come Together Worldwide and Locally?               
A now famous saying, "We have met the enemy, and he is us?" exemplifies the growing pains of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day in community after community.

Growing pains don't prevent growing, but are part of growing. The speed and breadth that World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day has grown has been vast and unimaginably swift. We have been dancing as fast as we can here at the International Organizing Center, just to keep up with the growth worldwide of groups participating and our expansion into the world through working with other health and community organizations interested in world health and harmony.

However, all organizers, or at least almost all organizers have been frustrated by some schools and teachers who do not want to come together as a global Tai Chi and Qigong family. Why is this? It is because some teachers see an inherent "competition" between themselves and other teachers.

This may have been true in the past, but we are on the threshold of a new era for T'ai Chi and Qigong, when the demand for teachers will become far greater than the number of teachers available in the world . . . even in China.

I once asked one of the leaders of the Hong Kong Tai Chi Association while watching his students do Tai Chi silently on their skyscraper rooftop studio in the canyon of sky scrapers that was Hong Kong, "What will you do when half of Hong Kong soon wants to learn Tai Chi? How will your 50 teachers, teach millions of people how to do Tai Chi?" He was stunned with the concept. However, as medical research continues to validate the profound benefits all teachers see their students getting in classes . . . this time is not too far off.

So, my point is that we are not competitors, we are compatriots, and the more we work together to educate our communities, our countries, and our world of the emerging medical research on Tai Chi & Qigong benefits . . . the larger ALL OUR CLASSES will become, and the healthier ALL our communities and countries will become physically, AND FINANCIALLY. Our modern society cannot afford to treat everyone with only Western crisis medicine. We need to integrate Eastern preventative health medicine's like Tai Chi and Qigong, or else face impending global bankruptcy.

The reality is that by working together to extoll Tai Chi and Qigong benefits, rather than putting one another down, saying, "He is a bad teacher, or our Tai Chi is much better" or any of the other tired old sayings we've all heard, we will all become successful beyond our wildest dreams, and our world will be better for it.

Why Should Tai Chi and Chi Kung Teachers, Schools, and Organizations Come Together Worldwide and Locally?            

Okay, so now we know what we can achieve by educating our communties of the benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong, and how that can mutually benefit everyone involved. But, how do we do it?

Our health media has poorly served the population by not giving Tai Chi and Qigong the media attention they deserve. The problem is illustrated well in a conversation I had with a major newspaper's health reporter a few years ago. A new study had come out extolling Tai Chi's benefit on a common health problem, so I called the health reporter at this major newspaper to inform her and suggest that she/they should cover it.

She curtly declined saying that they had done a Tai Chi story a few months earlier. I asked her if it was regarding the same health benefit, and she said no, it was about Tai Chi benefiting some other health issue.

I asked her if a drug company, or a surgical hospital contacted her about a new discovery that a surgery or drug could help with cardiac disease, would she tell them that she couldn't run the story because months before she'd done a drug or surgery story on arthritis?
She hung up on me.

So, how do we get Tai Chi and Qigong the attention they deserve in our media? We hold annual mass events that are so overwhelmingly spectacular that they cannot be ignored. Then we use this publicity as a vehicle to supply the public with the emerging medical research on how Tai Chi and Qigong can benefit them.

Together we can change the world. Let's get started !!

Simple Mathematics Explains Why T'ai Chi & Qigong Teachers Should Work Together, Rather Than Struggling Against One Another. The Kansas City Model provides a model for the World.

Currently, ALL of the dozen or so Tai Chi and Qigong teachers in the KC Metro Area are teaching approximately 600 students at the most.

This is a sadly "constipatively tiny" .0003 Percent of the KC Metro Area Population.

Now, 70% of the illness in the KC Metro area is caused by unmanaged stress according to a 20 year Kaiser Permanente study on their patients nationally.

So, when the 2,000,000 residents of the KC metro area eventually learn that not only is T'ai Chi and Qigong a powerful stress management technology, but that it will also
- reduce anxiety, depression, and overall
   mood disturbance
boost their immune system
- dramatically improve their balance
- improve their respiratory function
- lower their blood pressure
- reduce bone loss and stimulate
   connective tissue regeneration
- reduce allergy and asthma symptoms
- reduce or eliminate chronic pain
- benefit those with diabetes,
   fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis,
   Parkinson's disease, arthritis,
   Attention Deficit and other ailments

. . . is it outrageous to believe that 2% of the metro area would want to learn Tai Chi and Qigong?

Actually it would be ludicrous to think that they would not want to !!

HOWEVER, this would mean that 20,000 new students would suddenly appear. Could any one teacher, or one school teach these people? NO! NO WAY!

Could all the dozen or so teachers, or their perhaps 50 student teachers teach all these people?

Most of us have no desire to teach 13 classes per week, nor would we need to. For, if a facility holding Tai Chi or Qigong classes is charging $10 per class per student, and $7.50 of that is going to the teacher. Then all the teachers, and their current student teachers, would be making $187.50 per class each new class they began. If a teacher taught 4 classes per week he/she would be making $750. per week (not a bad salary for a few hours work).

Yet, this would only satisfy less than 1/3 of the new demand for Tai Chi and Qigong teachers. We'd have to train 3 times as many teachers and student teachers as we now have.

Now also realize that all these teachers and new teachers making $3,000 per month are going to be able to travel and invest in Tai Chi & Qigong seminars with masters who offer them, to further their own knowledge. This opens up new opportunities for masters worldwide, which will translate into higher and higher levels of teaching, which will benefit communities and nations worldwide with healthier people and lower health costs for all.

Of course it's foolish to believe that 2% of the entire population of a city would want to learn Tai Chi and Qigong, after it learns of the medical research showing the many maladies Tai Chi and Qigong can help with. No, it is more likely that 4%, or 11%, or 33% would want to learn it.
Especially when health insurance and health networks begin offering coverage for Tai Chi and Qigong classes. Personally I've done Qigong workshops that were paid for entirely by Blue Cross and Blue Sheild for participants covered by Blue Cross.

Why Should Chinese and Asian Schools and Organizations Participate When T'ai Chi & Qigong are Already So Popular There?

One of the leading causes of death in China, now, is pharmaceutical poisoning. This is because younger people in China are turning away from Traditional Chinese Medicine and are seduced by Western advertising to invest their health in Western drug solutions. Many of the young there are seeing traditional ways as non-science based superstitions.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. Modern medical research worldwide is finding that Traditional Chinese Medicine is powerful, and highly effective at treating a plethora of health issues, as well as being a profound health maintenance and prevention therapy for all.

IF Chinese and Eastern youth begin seeing the entire Western, Northern, and Southern world celebrating the benefits of T'ai Chi and Qigong each year . . . what impact will that have on how they view Traditional Chinese Medicine? They say that one can never be a prophet in one's own hometown, and too many great Tai Chi and Qigong teachers in China and the East are experiencing that reality. HOWEVER, what if people in China and the East begin seeing German and Brazilian, and French and Canadian, and Australian, and Spanish and Italian, and Russian, and African people ALL celebrating the profound benefits of T'ai Chi and Qigong? Then the young people of China and the East would begin to see their local teachers with NEW EYES.

Yes, the world does have something to offer Chinese and eastern Tai Chi and Chi Kung teachers, schools, and organizations. We have our gratitude and acknowledgement to offer. If Chinese and eastern teachers can open their hearts and minds to the value of what we have to offer, it will come back to bless them and their cultures many times over. Just as we Westerners who've opened our hearts and minds to the value of Tai Chi and Qigong have experienced.

This is a golden age for Tai Chi and Qigong teachers, and for the societies they serve . . . if we can come together as a Tai Chi and Qigong community and work to advance the public's understanding of what ALL STYLES of Tai Chi and Qigong offer them, and the treasures that ALL teachers are for their communities.

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On the Issue of Charging
Money for Classes.  

Some Tai Chi or Chi Kung organizations do not charge for classes. Which is fine, however some have condemned teachers who do charge for classes.

Our feelings on charging for classes are these:

We at World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day have a vision, a vision that one day human beings will ALL make their livelihoods fulfilling tasks that support the health and healing of humanity. Teaching Tai Chi and Qigong is such a task. No more honorable form of occupation exists.

By charging for Tai Chi classes you create a channel for people to contribute to healing. If you work many hours a day in a corporation, and then rush to your class to teach at night, how much energy and focus do you have for your class? Not nearly as much as if teaching were your occupation.

Income from classes can be flowed into advertising to educate the public of Tai Chi & Qigong benefits. It would be nice if our health media would do this, since it is their job. But, since they haven't done it, we can with advertising dollars.

If you use a portion of that income to continue your energy healing education, you become a better teacher, and have more to offer your students and community. You also support the work of master teachers and other peer teachers you study with.

To live lives of "quiet desperation" as Thoreau put it, working in jobs we hate that do not add to the healing of the world, and then think that contributing a couple of donated hours a week to teach Tai Chi for free to people who would gladly contribute to a cycle of healing economics . . . solves nothing. When you look at this with open eyes, you see that volunteer teachers . . . are not superior to professional teachers.

Should we as teachers donate our time to those who cannot afford to pay for classes? Definitely. By charging those who can afford it, we have more energy and free time to contribute to aspects of our community who need it but cannot pay for it.

Money is concretized energy. Where our consciousness flows so does our money, personally and nationally. Let's focus our consciousness on healing, and let our material world follow along.

Bill Douglas, Founder of World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day

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