Sports Performance and Tai Chi


Tai Chi and Sports

Tai Chi is the ultimate sports training tool because its goal is to cultivate balance, calm, and power, the basis for excelling in any physical activity. Tai Chi can enhance any athletic performance.

Tai Chi's cultivation of awareness of the dan tien, or center of gravity, can be especially helpful for surfing, skateboarding, snow boarding, and skiing. In fact, a Tai Chi instructor named Chris Luth conducts Tai Chi Skiing Workshops.

However, the self-awareness, or biofeedback, element of Tai Chi and QiGong can bring out the giant in any athlete.

There are several very accomplished blind golfers. Yes, you read right, blind golfers. They will explain that golf (as are most sports at their core) is more of a game of feeling than sight. They explain that the sighted golfer is handicapped in a way because of their obsession with outcome rather than process, or feeling.

Tai Chi takes the awareness of the athlete internal to the nth degree, maximizing the power of any athlete in any sport, blind or sighted.

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* NOTE: World Tai Chi & Qigong Day advises consulting your physician before beginning any new exercise, herbal, diet, or health program. The research listed here is meant to stimulate a discussion between you and your physician, health insurance carrier, etc., not as medical advise. Research and comments provided here are hoped to stimulate a more robust discussion of powerful natural mind/body health tools. Popular media, health media, and government must increase attention to stunning emerging research, including the UCLA study indicating Tai Chi participants enjoyed a 50% increase in immune system resistance to viral infection.

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