"YOUR EVENT DAY is HERE!" - Tips on Conducting

       Your World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Event

Okay, you've contacted the media, other Tai Chi & Qigong teachers and schools, and alerted the public of WTCQD.

Now, how do you actually proceed on your WTCQD Event Day?

In the menu on the right side of this page, see "Free Banner, Poster, Flyer artwork" link, where you can get free Banner artwork to take to Kinkos, Office Max, Costco, etc. where you can print an 8 foot by 3 foot banner to pin up at your event, so the public and attending media will know you are part of a spectacular global health education and healing event. For a small fee, we will personalize your banner with your group or school's website, so you can help support our voluminous free resources at WorldTaiChiDay.org, while having a beautiful banner promoting your local classes.

Throughout the world, there are many formats, and no one is completely
correct or incorrect.

Below/right in the "Event Day
Organizing Tips" we only noted ideas
from our experience, but you will likely
find some of it is applicable to your
event, and some you'll figure
out on your own.

Stay loose and supple, like a bamboo
tree, or a Tai Chi player, so you can flow into the best event format for your area
and group.

But, you will find useful notes below about working with the local media on event day, and how to include other teachers and schools if they attend.

Also, if you are a new teacher showing up at an existing event, there are some ideas for protocal so you don't step on the organizer's toes. Just basic politeness stuff.

But as a good friend of mine once reminded me, when I got to serious about why everyone should do Tai Chi, "The MOST important reason to do Tai Chi, is because it's FUN!"

So, enjoy your WTCQD event, and each year, the organizing will become easier and more natural, just as your Tai Chi and Qigong practice have become.

You will also find a link to an
"Opening Statement" that
many events read at 10 am
local time worldwide to
usher in a sense of
global connection
to their local events . . .

Take photos and video
of your event to post on
Youtube, CNN ireports, etc.,
and in our WorldTaiChiDay.org
Photo/Video Gallery of Events ...

Tai Chi & Chi Kung - (Media Photo)

Remember, it's a global celebration !!

"World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, takes place [the last Saturday of April] . . . To learn more, find instruction on the basics or discover a class in your area, go online to worldtaichiday.org."

  -- USA Weekend

"Maybe we should have World Tai Chi and Qigong Day every week."

    -- International Herald Tribune



Take some time to just talk to participants about the epic importance of their attendence here, and how it can change the world forever by educating the world on the powerful health and creativity tools T'ai Chi & QiGong offer.

We have an Opening Statement (available in 6 languages) that is read by many groups throughout the world on World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, and you are welcome to read it at your event's opening as well . . .

Click above image for opening statement.

By healing ourselves, we heal our world, and it is very appropriate to celebrate World T'ai Chi Day in the same month as World Health Day. And the best way to celebrate is to do, so let's do it!!

If you have different schools and teachers attending, it is common to introduce and acknowledge them all. Also, some events will ask each teacher to lead the entire group in a Moving Qigong warm up of their choice. If you have 5 or 6 or more teachers, its good to ask each to keep their part to 5 minutes so the group isn't exhausted. Remember, you may have people there who have never done Tai Chi or Qigong before, and came today to learn about it.

You don't want them to think Tai Chi and Qigong are painful endurance contests, on their 1st day of exposure to the arts. Keep things, light, easy, and fun for all to participate in.

Either in pre-event workshops, or in a short workshop a half hour or so before the 10 am worldwide event begins . . . teach the new people about 2 or 3 movements, and after all the teachers do their Moving Qigong warm up part, teach all the different Tai Chi groups that very short form and how to loop it.

In this way the whole group can do a few minutes of the same forms together at 10 am after the Opening Statement is read.

Repeat, "or loop" those momevments over and over again, so that the entire group can play T'ai Chi together, while the media takes its film and photos. Then later the more advanced students can complete their forms.

Also, again, if you have different schools and styles, get each school to form a group among themselves at this point so they too can do their form, yet all spread out on the same lawn area. Get students to spread out about 10 feet from one another, so as to maximize the "largeness" of the group for the media shots.

REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!!!!! It's O.k. to laugh, and you will all look back on this day as one of the most joyful experiences of your life.

THE TELEVISION MEDIA will want someone to interview during the exhibition, so your spokesperson will not be doing T'ai Chi with the group. The print media can wait until you are done. If several groups are involved, meet and decide if each group will have a spokesperson, and identify each groups spokesperson to the media before the event begins.

Now, if you are a new instructor to an event, realize that whoever organized this event has worked their tail off to create what you are participating in. So, please defer to them to be the media spokesperson. It would not be fair to not put in the organizing work, and then just show up and take the limelight. Next year, hopefully you can collaborate and take a share of the organizing workload, and then you'll be in a position to glow in the media spotlight.

I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have as this event draws nearer. Don't hesitate to email wtcqd2000@aol.com.

Bill Douglas

Director of Organization for World T'ai Chi Day


We get emails from individuals seeking groups or schools in their area that they can participate with. If your school would like to be on our Local Links page go to the "Teachers and Schools Tools and Info" section.

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